Doctors all across Europe call for glyphosate ban while the U.S. refuses to face the facts

The European Parliament recently voted to re-authorize glyphosate’s use for seven years, despite declarations made in 2015 from the International Agency for Cancer Research (IACR) which had decreed the herbicide was “probably carcinogenic to humans.” This re-authorization was made without regard to an international group of physicians who believe glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, should be banned.

Natural News reports, ” . . .International Society of Doctors for the Environment, or ISDE contend that a growing body of evidence shows that glyphosate, as well as dozens of other commonly used crop chemicals, is dangerous to both people and the environment. Signed by the group’s president, it calls on glyphosate in particular to be outlawed with no exceptions.

“‘The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), belonging to the World Health Organization (WHO), . . . published an assessment of carcinogenicity of the following organophosphate agrochemicals: glyphosate, tetrachlorvinphos, parathion, malathion, [and] diazinon,’ the letter reads.

“Converging sources of evidence show that chronic exposure to insecticides and herbicides has to be considered a major source of environmental deterioration and health hazard at population level.

“It’s a no-brainer that breathing in chemical pesticides and herbicides, eating the animals that eat the tainted grain or grasses, or consuming packaged food products from American grocery shelves, where it’s estimated that over 80% contains GMOs, isn’t good for any living creature.”

Despite these dangers, the USDA has just approved yet another toxic combination for GE corn, as RT reports.

“‘The US Department of Agriculture will end regulation of Monsanto’s genetically-modified corn that is engineered to resist the company’s herbicide,’ the federal regulator said. Farmers will now be able to plant the corn strains without permits.

“The action . . . applies to Monsanto’s MON87419 corn strain, which resists dicamba- and glufosinate-based herbicides.”

Stop the chemical train. Buy organic. Boycott GMOs.



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